Nadeshiko Translation Studio

Weaving words from one language to another

Thank you for visiting Nadeshiko Translation Studio. We offer a variety of translations, such as documents, web pages, email, subtitles for film and video, etc. for a reasonable price. Direct communication with the translator streamlines the entire process.

Translation service without an agent

Nadeshiko Translation Studio works directly with clients, eliminating additional steps and overhead. One-on-one communication with the translator enables timely and reasonably priced translations. We are flexible with regard to additional revisions.

English text is translated into Japanese by an experienced native Japanese speaker

Translations from English to Japanese are done by a Japanese, who holds a TOEIC* score of 955 and has over 20 years of translation experience, four years of which were spent working as a managing translator at an American company.
Close cooperation with an experienced American native speaker ensures that the subtle nuances of the original English are well-understood and reflected in the Japanese at the same time making the Japanese very natural and appropriate.
* Test of English for International Communication

Translation Price (since 2015)

English to Japanese: 150 to 200 yen per line (15 words)
Japanese to English: 500 to 700 yen per line (30 letters) including proofreading

A wide array of support ranging from email translation to writing assistance in Japanese.

  • I would like to communicate with our Japanese partner company in Japanese to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Our parent company is Japanese but it’s hard to understand their English. It might be easier and more beneficial for us to communicate in Japanese.
  • We would like to win over Japanese customers from competitors by providing our services in Japanese.
  • I can write some basic Japanese but I’m not confident enough in my skills to know if my Japanese is polite enough and/or culturally appropriate.

We provide translation and assistance by composing email in English tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Composing original email messages according to the clients’ specifications.
  • Translating original messages.
  • Correcting email messages (both business and personal)
  • Advising how to write emails in Japanese

We will support you until you are confident enough to write an email in Japanese without assistance.

The process from the receipt of the request to the delivery of the completed translation is smooth and simple.

Please email us from the Contact page (questions, consultations, order requests, etc.). We will reply to you in a timely manner.

When your request is confirmed, we will propose a completion date and estimated price.
If you are in agreement, please send us the data for translation and transfer the amount through Paypal. (Note that the transfer fee should be paid at your end and it is not refundable.)

When the translation is completed, we will send it to you including the layout in Microsoft Word as needed.

We will do our best to respond to your request for revisions in a timely manner and for subsequent revisions as needed.